Asgard flagship Beliskner
Asgard flagship Beliskner preview
Genre Fan art
3D art by Michael z
Country of origin Flag of the USA United States
Length 150x180x60 cm
Release date January 2009
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This Asgard flagship Beliskner is a gigantic Lego model of the Asgard Beliskner ship made by Michael z.

Description Edit

Asgard flagship Beliskner screenshot1

The Beliskner measure 150 cm long, 180 cm wide and 60cm hight.

The model was proposed to buy on the bid website eBay for the amount of $3.500.

Production Edit

It was build over three month with an invaluable Lego pieces, but the author say "tens of thousands". The ship is constructed in the living room of Michael z.

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