Asguard O`Neill (X³: Reunion add-on by Balogt)
Genre Fan gaming
3D art by Balogt
Country of origin Flag of Canada Canada
Picture format xsp
Release date 1 July 2007
Related productions X³: Reunion ships by Balogt

The Asguard O`Neill is an add-on made by Balogt of the O'Neill Asgard starship for the X³: Reunion game.

Description Edit

The ship is a M2 class for the Paranide race. Its caracteristics in the game are:

  • Speed: 104%
  • Manuvrability: 76%
  • Acceleration: 114%
  • Reactor output: 52%
  • Weapons: 108%
  • Recharge rate: 105%
  • Cargo space: 55%
  • Shields: 200%
  • Hull strength: 66%

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