Base Gamma
Base Gamma poster
Also known as P2S-569
Genre Fan film
Created by Laurent Forler
Starring Stargate Troopers, SG-4F
Country of origin Flag of France France
Language(s) Flag of France French
Producer(s) Wargame Pictures,
Unification France, Imaforge
Running time 130 min.
Picture format streaming, 1080p
Release date September 13, 2017
Related productions Stargate SG-17
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Base Gamma is a french fan film based on SG-1 and released in 2017 involving 60 people and produced over 8 years.

Synopsis Edit

The SGC decides to install a secondary base on the planet P2S-569 where an exploration team discover underground facilities.

Almost all of the SGC's staff are deployed there to defend it, while a manpower team achieve to build the base.

Jaffa allies are also expected to execute maneuvers, to test the weapons of their ships at strategic locations around the globe, to understand the "white dwarf phenomenon", which seems to affect most advanced technologies, and which extends in a very large sector of space, around the said planet.

However, it seems that the Jaffas are not the ones expected. The newcomers have obscure objectives.

Production Edit

The Wargame Pictures produce the film in collaboration with Unification France and Imaforge for specials effects.

They work with the french cosplay team Stargate Troopers as they teamed up already on Stargate SG-17 film series. Other cosplay team present is SG-4F. Props Memorabilia team also cooperate in the project.

It took 8 years to produce the film, indeed the project start in 2009. 60 people were involved and 18 day of filming in Alsace (France) were needed.[1] Filming location include the Fort Frère.

The complete movie was premiere on September 9, 2017, 4 days before official release, in a Strasbourg cinema mainly for all people involved in the project.[2]

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