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Call it a Stargate
Call it a Stargate preview.jpg
Genre Fan film
Created by Ian Paterson
Peter Ward
Country of origin Flag of the USA United States
Language(s) Flag of the United Kingdom English
Subtitled in Flag of Germany German
No. of episodes 5
Producer(s) Superteam Productions
Running time 15/35 min.
Picture format wmv (320x240)
Original run December, 2002 – October, 2004
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Call it a Stargate is the first fan series started in 2002.


The team with their newest member - Major Tom - is sent to LV414 to find out why they have lost contact with the remote base camp. After arriving they find a mystery instead of the base camp and must battle angry apes and T-Rex to return.


Shot with zero budget on a handheld camera the series quickly grew with viewers all over the world, millions watched this new fan series and even the actors in the sg1 show watched it.

Sadly MGM was going through a rought time with it's own SG1 show and infact it was canceled but then picked up again by the sci fi channel. While the MGM version was going down and getting bad reviews online, the fan series grew and had website talking about it instead of the real show, this angered MGM and they forced the fan film series to stop.

Of course MGM only wanted to stop this series but have allowed many more fan films to be made about the Stargate universe.

Sadly the makers of the first ever fan film never finished the 5th episode.

Maybe, just maybe if enough people ask for it, MGM might allows their fans to watch the excellent fan film series, the makers still have the films, but until MGM say they can put them online they only show the series at Christmas and special gatherings.


The series was cancelled in October 2004. The authors receive a letter from a law firm saying the MGM's copyright and trademarks were infringed[1].


Five episodes were released before the cancellation. The original films aren't unavailable. But thanks to a fan who previously had downloaded them, they are online again.

# Airdate Title Summary Watch link
1 2002 Call it a Stargate watch or download with german subtitle
2 Earthbound watch
3 Breakdown watch
4 Openday watch
5 2004 Atlantis watch
6 - Fighters never released -

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  1. This is Superteam