Command and Conquer: Stargate SG-1
Genre Fan gaming
Country of origin Flag of France.svg France
Language(s) Flag of France.svg French
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg English
Producer(s) War Of Generals
Network CnC: Generals
Release date 2007
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Official website
Production website

Command and Conquer: Stargate SG-1 is a game mod for Command & Conquer: Generals released in 2007 for the PC.




Development team

originally the team was composed of several people as the DNAMRA Leader swepifh modeler ..., then the team fell apart over no time to finish by only one member who was keen to finish this mod [wog] colonel who completely change the mod. The original mod no longer exists it is entirely conceived on the model[wog] colonel, leaving only the main idea based on the series of STARGATE SG1

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