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Continuing Stargate
Continuing Stargate preview.jpg
Genre Non-script based series
Created by s09119
Written by s09119
Country of origin Flag of the USA United States
Language(s) Flag of the United Kingdom English
No. of seasons 6 (Stargate SG-1)
2 (Stargate Atlantis)
No. of episodes 111 (List of episodes)
Length Multiple forum posts
Original run January 7, 2008 – Present
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Continuing Stargate is a fanfiction project started in 2007 on GateWorld's forum by fan s09119. It aims to continue the story of the Stargate franchise where it was left off in Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, with minor changes to accommodate a refined vision for the series. It is currently the longest followed fanfiction series, boasting over 100 episodes spread over 6 seasons, with two seasons in progress and more to come.


The series aims to wrap up the war with the Ori in a longer and more-serious manner, then expands the Stargate mythos to cover events and alien races not described in the television shows. It is a noticeably darker take on the familiar storylines, but remains very well-received due to its ties to characters and events from early in the franchise, a scaling back of deus ex machina endings, and a complex and riveting storyline.


s09119 spins and writes all episodes of the series himself, and they debut roughly every two weeks. Due to his being a college student, however, there are occasional breaks in episodes while his studies take precedence.


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The main casts of both previous Stargate shows continue to be the primary focus, although new characters created specifically by Shea also feature prominently.


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