Fan gaming is a game creation not officially licensed, made by fans based or not on existing games. They attempt to recreate the ambiance of the original Stargate universe. The games are mainly video game or play-by-email game. The fan gaming include complete games, game Add-on to extend an existing video game or game mod to recreate the environnement of an existing video game.

Video game Edit

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A video game is a game where users interacts with a video based interface. Stargate video games are often inspired by existing games like adventures games (Stargate Adventure), Shoot 'em up...

Stargate simulators Edit

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In Stargate, fan gaming a new game style appear. The simulators try to reproduce the computer system of the Stargate Command. You can take the role of Walter Harriman aka Chevron Guy and dial the gate or in the more advanced simulators send exploration teams, MALP... Some of them simulate the Atlantis gate.

Video game mod Edit

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A game mod is a partial or total conversion of an existing computer game. The graphics and stories are rebuild to depic a new environemnt like Stargate. Many mods are abandonned before a public release due to the lot of work and competences needed to modding. Generally, first-person shooters (Quake, Doom, Half-Life...), RPGs and real-time strategy (Command & Conquer series...) games are converted.

Video game add-on Edit

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A game add-on is a modification or a supplement for an existing computer game. Its not a conversion like video game mods, but elements that include in the game like new ships, characters...

Role-playing game Edit

Browser game Edit

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A browser game is a game that is played over the Internet using a web browser. Unlike other games the users play with or against lots of other users inside their game instance. Often an instance counts several hundreds to thousands users. Most Stargate-based browser games are space war or space strategy games, where players can build ships or other objects known from the Stargate series to attack their enemies.

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