A Fan site or Fansite is a website created and updated by fans. They can provide encyclopedic informations, news, medias, links... and they're not affiliated with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The encyclopedic sites Edit

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Often based on a wiki software, the encyclopedic fan sites try to cover all the aspect of their topic. The Wikipedia encyclopedia with the Wikiproject Stargate talk about the majors themes, characters or episodes from the franchise and its purpose is not to rich a full coverage like the SGCommand, the Wikia encyclopedia.

Some other website relate a specific aspect of Stargate. Stargate Worlds Wiki is only about the Stragate Worlds official RPG game ; Stargate FanProd, this website, talk only about the fan creations.

The database sites Edit

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Wikiquote or Chevron 26 offer a quote database.

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