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A fan written story is a Fan fiction creation not officially licensed, made by fans. The productions can be short stories, script based or novel.

Script based story[]

Exemple of a scripted page from Stargate: Horizon.

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The script based stories are novel written like TV show screenplay. The productions describe the narrative and the dialogues. A fan site, SG:Universe centralize and review the script based series but is unfortunaly no longer updated since february 2007.

Stargate: Horizon is the most famous script based series with at this date 86 episodes in 4 seasons since 2004.

Non-script based story[]

There are also non-script based fanfictions, and these are generally written in the form of summaries of episodes. These series typically premiere new episodes much faster than script-based series and last longer, but do not offer the in-depth dialogue of their move-involved cousins. Several of these series have recently sprung up on GateWorld.

A few of the most prominent examples are Continuing Stargate and Return of the Ancients.

Prose Based Story[]

Unlike a script or non scrip based story, there are many fanfictions which use a prose or narrative form of storytelling instead. Mostly these are designed to be more character oriented stories, but there are a significant number of general adventure style stories that try to recreate the Stargate feel.

Prose stories also tend to have more shipping than script style stories, and there is a large following of certain pairings and on occasion, completely new and original storylines. There are many virtual series which follow this format, but the vast majority do not continue for very long given the difficult style of writing.

There have been a few long term series written in this style, most prominent would be SBZ's The Way Series, and Loneranger-1's Stargate: Universal Sin and Stargate: Dark Frontier.