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A Fanzine is a nonprofessional magazine produced as paperziner or more recently as webzine in pdf format.


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The webzines are free magazine diffused by email or via download. As a professional magazine, they attempt to cover the last Stargate news and deep some topics like characters, technology... The publications are irregularly due to the amateurism of the work despite the authors intentions.

In France, P-3X was the first webzine produced. Four magazines were published in 2004. SGAtlantis (2005-2006) cannot perpetuate production due to the lack of writers after some publications. Still on production, Gatenews is focused on fan creations.

Fanfiction fanzine[]

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Some of the fan writers use fanzine to diffuse their work. In this case, a fanzine is a printed documents including only a collection of fan stories. Their are generally sent by mail or by email to fans who request them. A financial compensation to defray postage or production expenses is typically asked.

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