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Created by Darren Sumner
Developed by Darren Sumner
David Read
Country of origin Flag of the USA United States
Language(s) Flag of the United Kingdom English
Original run 2 October 1999 – Present
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GateWorld is the fan site reference for the Stargate franchise. It was created in 1999 as StarGuide by Darren Sumner and co-edited since 2003 by David Read. It offer to is large community recent news, forum, encyclopedia, episode guide and more.


Before being GateWorld, Darren Sumner create StarGuide on 2 October 1999[1]. This site was first dedicated to a complete episode and characters guide. Some month later it add news to its web services. Then StarGuide join the SciFiGuide network and offer a larger range of TV shows informations.

To refocus on Stargate, Gateworld was born in 2001 and the other show were reduced to complementary sites. David Read join the project in 2003 with the initial goal to develop the encyclopedia[2]. Later that year, he start interviewing cast and crew from Stargate SG-1 beginning with Amanda Tapping. This two part interview Amanda Speaks Out was online on February 2004.

The Friday 18 August 2006 a redesign by Gilles Nuyens website was online to coincide with the air of the episode 200[3]. This new version was called GateWorld 2.0 and provide new sections like the video games review and the expansion of the comics, books and convention zones.



GateWorld Podcast[]

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The TameZone Podcast[]

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In 2010 a new podcast is launched focused on fandom. It's hosted by Tame Farrar.


The forum has more than 38.000 members and its one of the biggest Stargate community. It offer a general sections for all the franchise productions but also zones for fan fiction, fandom, news and GateWorld features.


All the crew members are volunteers.

  • Owner and Managing Editor: Darren Sumner
  • Co-Editor: David Read
  • Assistant Editor: Chad Colvin
  • Forum Manager and Editor GateWorld FanFic: Denise 'Skydiver'
  • Server Administrator: Greg Macsok
  • Graphic Designer: Gilles Nuytens
  • Staff Writer: Sharon Fetter, Livi Dolgin, Ed Sum
  • Transcripts Writer: Callie Sullivan
  • And several forum moderators.

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