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Gatenews preview.jpg
Genre Fanzine
Created by Michael Anderson
Written by Michael Anderson
Les Filles d'Ananké
Mark IX
2D art by Tyalis
Country of origin Flag of France France
Flag of Belgium Belgium
Language(s) Flag of France French
No. of episodes 7 (List of episodes)
Length about 30 pages
Picture format pdf
Original run December 2008 – Present
Related productions Stargate World of Art
External links
Official website
Diffusion website

Gatenews is a bimestrial French Webzine mainly about fans creations.


GateNews is a fanzine dedicated to fan creations. It's made by fans for fans and it's planned to be published every two months.

The fanzine include latest news of the franchise but the main purpose is to present fan creations. Several fan written story are interviewed. It include also some games and arts.


Gatenews is created by fans and published only on the internet. The pdf format was choose to be able to be read by a majority. Currently, there are four people making GateNews :

  • Michael_Anderson: chief redactor
  • B.Carter: editor
  • Mark IX: editor
  • Les Filles d'Ananké: contributor
  • Tyalis: designer

The production crew is always looking for help. The fan art site Stargate World of Art host and support the project.

With the good feedback from firsts issues, the team start a blog dedicated to the webzine in September 2009.


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Cover of the first issue.

Cover of the 4th issue.

Six webzine have been released on 2009. Some major productions were introduced like the SG-Troopers cosplay, the Stargate Convention held in 2009 or the Stargate SG-17 fan film trilogy.

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