La revanche d'Anubis
La revanche d'Anubis preview
Genre Fan film
Developed by Four Reveur Jokes
Country of origin Flag of France France
Language(s) Flag of France French
Running time 15 min.
Picture format 640x480p
Release date 2006

La revanche d'Anubis is a french fan film produced in 2006.

Synopsis Edit

Anubis is back, SG-1 will fight him again.

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Characters Edit

  • Jack O'Neill (Jonathan E.)
  • Teal'c (Thomas Negoïta)
  • Sam Carter (Romain Vauconsant)
  • Daniel Jackson (Jérémie E.)
  • General Hammond (Corentin Engelberg)
  • Jacob (Axel Engelberg)
  • Major Davis (Gregoire Duhourcaut)

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