This is a list of the Stargate: Vennix script based series characters. They are sorted by status (regular, recurring) and then by rank, also included is their name, actor, appearances and description/role.

Regular charactersEdit

Rank Character Played by Appearances Description/role
Lt. Colonel Joseph Lincoln Benjamin McKenzie Season 1 – Military commander, Vennix-1 leader
Doctor Rachel Robyns Emmanuelle Vaugier Season 1 – Leader of the Colonia Expedition
Anara Kahn Autumn Reeser Season 1 – Vennix liason, Vennix-1 member
Lt. Stephanie Pacino Jessica Alba Season 1 – Scientist, Vennix-1 member
Doctor David Conrad James Murray Season 1 – Vennix-1 member, chief scientific advisor

Recurring charactersEdit


Rank Character Played by Appearances Description/role
Major General Samantha Carter Amanda Tapping Season 1 – Coalition Milky Way fleet commander
Major General Karl Hunters Kevin Costner Season 1 – SGC commander
Colonel Alex Myers Eddie Cahill Season 1 – CS Achilles commander
Major Sara Woods Sasha Alexader Season 1 – Vennix-2 leader
Major Johnson Season 1 CS Achilles first officer/weapons officer/navigator
Captain Luke Wilson Adam Grimes Season 1 – Chief of security
Doctor Cate Brookes Lucy Akurst Season 1 – Scientist
Doctor Robert Moore Niall Matter Season 1 – Engineer
Doctor Jane Robb Summer Glau Season 1 – Chief medical doctor
Doctor Anna Sharpe Season 1 – SGC Astrophysicist
Field Agent Matthew Saxon Elias Toufexis Season 1 – CMI field agent
Commander Talor Catral Season 1 – Scientist, Alliance commander
Lord Tarak Season 1 – Ashellian leader


Rank Character Played by Appearances Description/role
Doctor Moira Phillips Season 1 – Botanist
Ross Season 1 CS Achilles technician
Admiral Honin Season 1 – Kintar commander, Alliance fleet commander
Commander Garel Season 1 – Malor commander
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