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This is a list of Fan site related to Stargate. The sites are sorted by alphabetical order and a quick description of each is given with active years and languages.

Title Active years Language Comments
Chevron 26 2000 - Present Flag of GermanyFlag of the United Kingdom A fan website about everything Stargate (Movie, SG-1, SGA, Universe) with information, databases, multimedia and gallery. Site is in english and german.
GateWorld ? - Present Flag of the United Kingdom The most complete fan site with news, interviews, podcast, encyclopedia...
Scifi World (The) ? - Present Flag of the United Kingdom A webside with exclusive interviews and a lot of 2D arts.
SG:Universe 2006 - 2007 Flag of the United Kingdom A website about script based series.
Stargate Worlds France 2008 - Present Flag of France The main French Stargate Worlds community.
Stargate: The Twins March 2012 - Present Flag of the USA A website promoting a new book, select screen captures, Blu-Ray Videos and more.
Lost Worlds Sci-Fi and Fantasy Realms 2011-Present Flag of the United Kingdom One of the newest but largest Stargate Role Play sites, with all the usual Fandom based topics, games, Fan art and Fan Fiction. Our Forum

Subduction leads to orogeny

? - Present Flag of the United Kingdom A blog who introduce all new stuff related to Stargate in the Internet (interviews, videos, articles...).

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