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Lost Worlds Sci-Fi and Fantasy Realms was created in March of 2011 by dedicated fans who banded together to fulfill a commitment not shared by many fan forums today. That is to build a forum for the fans by the fans not encumbered by restrictive joining and participation conditions. In it's first month of operation almost fifty members have made for themselves a wonderful and exciting social medium within it's content. Discussion topics abound and have grown at a rapid pace.

Role play has been the Forum's central theme with the game Stargate New Seasons from which the forum takes it's name, but in truth it goes far beyond that. To describe the game though would go far beyond the scope of a single page, but to summarise it can brought down in context. Initially started in August 2010 on the game out grew it's boundries there and it was this that led to the players to create their own forum to allow the game it's proper growth. The story relies heavily on Stargate canon and in that players are invited to take on the Main Cast Characters though not those of the original movie as indicated by the link. Of course as with all role play there are OC's, or Original characters involved and these are often finding themselves in more foward roles than our favourites, but of course not overiding them.

The premise of the story was kindly provided by FanFic writer Lone-ranger1 the author of the popular Dark Frontier series. New Seasons is based on his SG-1 story Fait Accompli with our own details and variations added. The episodes open with an attack on a Lucian Alliance base far out in the Milky Way galaxy, once again pitting SG1 and it's forces against an insidious enemy. Introduction to SG1

From here the game adds on both Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe interwoven with SG1 but having their own identities as well. In Atlantis, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and his team is battling forces with an unknown enemy who strangley resembles the Asgard of the Milky Way, but with a twisted agenda. Meanwhile to combat this new threat, Atlantis finds itself once more in the position of joining foces with the Wraith and Todd. To this aim, it is felt that by restoring Todd to his position will in someway assist and make a strong alliance to defeat their common enemy. The arc for Todd himself is proving to be an immense game vehicle in it's own right. His hive being held in keeping by his faithful followers and their endeavours to rebuild is proving frought with danger as well. Introduction by Isolde, Basic story premises by Lone-ranger1

Stargate Universe does not get off lightly either as the Destiny heads out further into deep space, they once again find themselves against threats they are unprepared for as Sergeant Greer, TJ, Eli and Matt find out in not too pleasant ways. The journey into darkness begins here Introduction written by Oranos.

Beyond the Horizon

Within the sum of Stargate New Season's there is so much more to be found. As with all good fan forums we have topic threads to cover almost anything the members can create, from Fan Fiction to Fan art and beyond. We are diverging out and introducing new topics almost on a daily basis and the informal nature of the forum has proved to be it's popularity in such a short time. We are not out there to usurp other popular Stargate Forums, more to add to the creativity of the fans and bring new dimensions to what is already one of the most popular televsion shows TV audiances have had to pleasure to enjoy. Stargate New Seasons is keeping the dream alive.

RogueRanger 01:54, April 18, 2011 (UTC)

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