SG-4B preview
Also known as SG-4 Bravo Squad
SG-4 Bravo Det.
Genre Fan club
Country of origin Flag of Belgium Belgium
Language(s) Flag of France French
Original run October 2004 – Present
Related productions SG-Command
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Stargate SG-4 Bravo Squad is a Belge costume and prop team created in 2004 who appear in several conventions and events. It's ratached to SG-Command and it's the only Belgian Stargate Group.

The team Edit

Call "Bravo Squad " by his members, the SG-4B is close to the neighbouring SG-4F. The squad exist since October 2004. All of it members are Stargate's Fans. We want to have a funy mind in the squad.

Since 2006, Arthur a furry riper is the mascote of the Team.

Members Edit

  • Troopers :
    • B.Carter : Communication Officer
    • Booly : CO
    • Djadden : Medic
    • Elane
    • Eskilax
    • Gerfault : XO
    • Johan
    • Myrtille : Photograph
    • Reshep
    • Katarn
    • Mantra
  • Retired with military honors :
    • Kane Ironside
    • Cate Kenneth
    • Bryan Kenneth
    • Elena Vasquez
    • Jocky

Appearances Edit

SG-4B team

SG-4B behind a Milky Way Stargate model during Cusset 2008.

The SG-4 Bravo Squad appear frequently in various conventions in the Belge and French countries.

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