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Also known as Stargate Universe
Genre Fan site
Created by Stephen 'Valorin' Rees
Member Tiletron
Country of origin Flag of Australia Australia
Language(s) Flag of the United Kingdom English
Original run March 2006 – Present
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SG:Universe or Stargate Universe or SGU or SG-VirtualSeries is a fan site related to all the script based series.

The website[edit | edit source]

It was create in the lone purpose to centralise and present the script based series. The website is no longer updated since february 2007 and some attemp to reborn it were unsuccessful. But since 2009, the new admin Tiletron|Hyncharas work to revive the forum.

Content[edit | edit source]

SG:Universe offer reviews, download and news of all script based episode. It centralize the following series :

The revived forum offer discussion section about the majors virtual series plus recruitment and general discussions topics. Stargate: Avalon and Stargate: Vennix have their own section like the previously cited series.

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