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SGC 3D Simulator
SGC 3D Simulator preview.png
Genre Fan gaming
Created by Mach Creation
Country of origin Flag of France France
Language(s) Flag of France French
Original run ? – 23 December 2007
Related productions Stargate: The New Enemy
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SGC 3D Simulator is a Gate Room simulator in 3D with beta version available. The complete project will be only available on Stargate: The New Enemy game.


The game exist in two versions, Version 1.4.2 and Version Bêta 1.5 (released on December 2007). The last is a complete rebuild of the first with new graphism design and features.


In the briefing room of the SGC with the activated Stargate (v1.5).

In the SGC computers were you can choose probes to be sent through the gate (v1.5).

You take place on the Control Room and operate the Stargate access. You can navigate the gates adresses database and dial them, send teams and MALP through the vortex. As the game is in 3 dimensions, you can look arround your computer seat to rediscover the control room of the SGC.


The game is produced to be include in the future Stargate: The New Enemy game. So no new version after the v1.5 will be release, the modification will be seen in the complete game. 3D Game Studio development system is used to create the game. THIS GAME IS ONLY IN FRENCH!!!!!!

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