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Starchiotte WC-1
Starchiotte WC-1 preview.jpg
Genre Fan film
Created by Nicolas Mrikhi
Written by Nicolas Mrikhi
3D art by Nicolas Mrikhi
David Roman
Starring Thomas Bernard
Mathieu Jolliet
Nicolas Mrikhi
Guillaume Sdrigotti
Country of origin Flag of France France
Language(s) Flag of France French
No. of episodes 2 (List of episodes)
Producer(s) Jak Movies
Running time 5 and 21 min.
Picture format wmv
Original run December 2005 – Present
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Starchiotte WC-1 is a french fan film series started in 2005. The travel device is a toilet instead of the Stargate.



Jak Movies is an amateur filmmaking team. It was created in 2005 by Nicolas Mrikhi. StarChiotte was one of their first movies. Two years later, they decided to make the sequel, in september 2007 ; but the movie released only in august 2008 because they had a lot of computer problems.

A third episode is planned and it's already in pre-production.


Main characters[]

  • General Jadey (Nicolas Mrikh): Leader of the Star Watercloset Center.
  • Dr Johson (Mathieu Jolliet): Member of the WC-1 team.
  • Major Kandyss (MiniMwa): Member of the WC-1 team.
  • Rob Scatter (Thomas Bernard): Member of the second team send to rescue WC-1.
  • Paul Gruff (Guillame Sdrigotti): Member of the second team send to rescue WC-1.
  • Dr Nozzle (Nicolas Nee): Leader of the SWC scientific departement.


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