Stargate: Dark Frontier
Genre Prose based series
Created by Loneranger-1
Written by Loneranger-1
3D art by Alx Shipyards
Country of origin Flag of Canada Canada
Language(s) Flag of the United Kingdom English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 25+
Length 300k+ words
Original run October 1 , 2009 – Present
Preceded by Stargate: Universal Sin
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Stargate: Dark Frontier is a continuation of Stargate: Universal Sin which takes place in teh Hoag's Object galaxy due to the events of Universal Sin. It focuses primarily on non-humanoid life, and exporing a galaxy which has not been terraformed by the Ancients to such degree as the Milky Way or Pegasus.

The cast is a mix of SG1, and SGA, with several OCs filling supporting roles.

The series sees a focus on realistic character interaction, sci-fi storylines, and a planned arc that spans from the first season to the very end of the series. 4 seasons were originally planned, but more have been added as the story expands.

Currently Season 1 is complete, with Season 2 being released as they are written.


Mature Content, Rare Pairings, Extreme Violence

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