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Stargate: Die Finale Bedrohung
Stargate Die Finale Bedrohung preview.jpg
Also known as Stargate: The Final Threat
Genre Fan film
Country of origin Flag of Germany Germany
Language(s) Flag of Germany German
Subtitled in Flag of the United Kingdom English
Flag of France French
Producer(s) Step Ahead Films
Running time 35 min.
Picture format Xvid avi
Release date March 23, 2008
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Stargate: Die Finale Bedrohung (Stargate: The Final Threat) is a German fan movie released in 2008 by Step Ahead Films.


The film, which runs 35 minutes, has been designed like a usual episode of Stargate: SG-1. In this movie, the SG-14 team takes center stage. They arrive on planet P4E-772 and can't return, because the DHD is missing. After exploring the area, they encounter another SG-14 team from an alternate reality. Together they have to fight a final battle against the Goa'uld threat, which tries to reassemble on this peaceful planet.


Production start in 2006 and achieve in 2008.

The film won 4 awards at Amateurfilm-Forum Movie Awards in 2008.


  • Kim Marius Gräfe: Col Hank Pregger (SG-14)
  • Tobias Seitz: Cpt Rick Miller (SG-14)
  • Markus Linde: Sgt Trevis Geoffrey (SG-14)
  • Sylvia Krömer: Dr. Amissa McGregor (SG-14)
  • Kevin Gräfe: Nivék (native)
  • Moritz Thiele: Ocárd (native)
  • Lars Denker: Col Jason Sanders (SG-17)
  • Kirsten Denker: SG-17 Soldat #2
  • Sebastian Meier: SG-17 Soldat #3


  • Kim Marius Gräfe: Drehbuch, Regie, Requisiten
  • Marcus Gräfe: Regie, Kamera, Schnitt,Visual Effects/Compositing, Website
  • Kevin Gräfe: Ton-Assistent, On-Set-Fotos
  • Moritz Thiele: 3D-Grafiken/-Animationen
  • Victor van Wetten: Zusätzliche 3D-Grafiken/-Animationen
  • Tobias Krömer: Set-Assistent

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