Stargate: The Lost Colony
Stargate The Lost Colony preview
Genre Fan film
Country of origin Flag of the USA United States
Language(s) Flag of the United Kingdom English
Producer(s) Tok’ra Resistance
Release date 12 September 2009
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Stargate: The Lost Colony is an American fan film created by the Tok'ra Resistance and completed in 12 September 2009.

Synopsis Edit

Set in the Pegasus galaxy, the events of Lost Colony are meant to take place shortly after the siege at the end of Atlantis Season 1. It all starts when an apparently uninhabited world turns out to be not quite as empty as it seems.

Production Edit

Stargate: The Lost Colony is a fan film created as a labor of love by fans of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. They started out as a small fan group with a big idea and a lot of determination. After several major setbacks, including the loss of our original camera crew, the project attracted the attention of some professionals in the movie industry. They really caught the vision, and helped turn the dream into a reality far better than they had even dared to hope.

Originally written by Tok'ra fans for Tok'ra fans, they quickly discovered the story had a reach far beyond their small group. So far, the response we have received from both inside and outside the Stargate fandom has been overwhelmingly positive. This is the first film this crew has ever produced. Everyone learned a lot in the process, and plans are already in the works for a sequel.

Characters Edit

Stargate members :

  • Major Eric Fields (Adrian Havens),
  • Dr. Jodi Thatcher (Christine Matthews),
  • Dr. Tony Penn (Nathan Schell),
  • Srg. Amelia Sullivan (Erika Smalls),

Tok'ra members :

  • Eschel / Shara (Rachel Wills),
  • Razan / Lena (Audrey Lynne),
  • Nivek / Thanis (Leslie Danneberger),
  • Tamir / Vanska (Birgitte Brydsoe),
  • Sarran / Nennesh (Carl Christian K. Mikkelsen),

Wraith :

  • Lead wraith (Eric Koske),
  • Wraith drone (Maggie-Marie Thies),

Production crew Edit

Appearances Edit

The movie was pre-aired at Atlanta (USA) Dragon Con 2009 for-profit convention on 5 September[1]. Before that, previews were projected at Sci-fi Summer Con 2009 and Dragon Con 2008 conventions.

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