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Stargate (Lego model by Kelly McKiernan)
Stargate (Lego model by Kelly McKiernan) preview.jpg
Genre Fan art
3D art by Kelly 'Binkmeister' McKiernan
Country of origin Flag of the USA United States
Release date 30 October 2005
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This Stargate is a Lego animated model of the Stargate device made by Kelly 'Binkmeister' McKiernan.


The base hiding RCX on the right and the motors.

There is seven lights in the chevrons. The inner ring spins using a computerized LEGO RCX unit and two motors on the base. It's programmed to spin randomly for between 2-7 seconds, then stop for half a second, and reverse for another 2-7 seconds. This happens seven times as to lock seven chevrons adresses.

This model Won best Best Medium Space and Best Brick Mod awards at BrickFest 2005.

No instructions to build it was given.


It was constructed over a period of 3 months in mid-2005. It was first displayed at BrickFest 2005 on the campus of George Mason University in Virginia (USA) then displayed on the internet on 30 October 2005 on Lego fan creation website.

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