Stargate Adventure
Stargate Adventure preview
Genre Fan gaming
Created by Sektor 13
Written by Sektor 13
Programmed by Chris Jones
Sektor 13
2D art by Sektor 13
Country of origin Flag of Slovenia Slovenia
Language(s) Flag of the United Kingdom English
Translated in Flag of the Czech Republic Czech
Flag of Spain Spanish
Picture format 320x240 at 32-bit color
Release date October 29, 2005

Stargate Adventure is an adventure fan game inspired by the point-and-click games of LucasArts or Sierra On-Line.

The story Edit

Stargate Adventure screenshot1

In the briefing room of the SGC with Bra'tac and Teal'c.

Production Edit

Stargate Adventure is inspired by the old style Sierra and LucasArts adventure game with point-and-click precept.

The author, Sektor 13, is not a native English speaker and the sentences are sometimes deemed as awkward[1]

The game use the Adventure Games Studio software. Programmed by Chris Jones the program is an free adventure game editor.

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