Stargate Atlantis: Identity
Stargate Atlantis Identity preview
Genre Fan film
Country of origin Flag of Belgium Belgium
Language(s) Flag of France French
Subtitled in Flag of the United Kingdom English
Producer(s) Light-Motion
Running time 7 min 45sec
Picture format streaming, up to 720p.
Release date Mai 7, 2011
Related productions SGA: Pegasus Mission

Stargate Atlantis: Identity is a belgian fan film released in 2011.

Synopsis Edit

On a mission in the Pegasus galaxy, Colonel Cooper find an Ancient tablet. Major Johnson come from Atlantis to assist him.

Production Edit

The both actor did all the production work.

Cast Edit

  • Colonel Cooper (Marc Damon)
  • Major Johnson (Steven Decamps)

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External links Edit

  • Watch at Youtube
  • Production website (offline)
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