Stargate Fan Awards
2008 Stargate Fan Awards preview
Genre Fan site
Created by Morgan
Member Marla
Country of origin Flag of the USA United States
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No. of seasons 8
Original run May 2001 – Present
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Stargate Fan Awards is a community dedicated to promote fan creations and reward the best ones.

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Mel and Morgan create the awards inspired by the Golden O's general fan fiction awards.

In the first edition, there was 4 main categories (genenral, ship, slash/femslash and multimedia). Each of these awards best author, story, action/adventure, alternate universe, character focus, crossover, drama, humor, hurt/comfort, missing scene, orig char, smarm, vignette and zine story. The subcategories from Multimedia are : artwork and graphics, filksongs, songvids, webpages. A few hundred nominated creations take part.

In 2007, the website was rebuild. The old one is still accessible with all the archives.

Six years later, in the 2007 edition it was over 2,500 entries.

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In the 2005 edition, Stargate Atlantis was added.

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