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Stargate SG-2: The Ninth Symbol
Stargate SG-2 The Ninth Symbol preview.jpg
Genre Fan film
Created by Blue Smoke Studios
Theme music by Sean Beeson
Country of origin Flag of the USA United States
Language(s) Flag of the United Kingdom English
Producer(s) Blue Smoke Studios
Location(s) United States
Running time 38 min.
Picture format mp4 and wmv (720 x 338)
Release date September 20, 2007
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Stargate SG-2: The Ninth Symbol is an American Fan movie released in 2007. It follows the story of Stargate Command's SG-2 team and their adventure finding a mysterious artifact, and determining its connection to the Stargates 9th Chevron.


SG-2's Dr.Grant discovers an unknown language

An energy weapon slams into the ground, narrowly missing the team

SG-2's Dr. Grant has discovered a previously unknown form of writing and text, in a temple abandoned long ago on Earth. This text was found to be written by beings who lived during the time of the Ancients, the original gate builders. They were a sophisticated race, whose technology was parallel to that of the Ancients.

These two races seemed to have shared technology. However, this unknown race mysteriously vanished before the Ancients left our galaxy and headed for Pegasus. All that remained was this one temple, some cryptic inscriptions on its walls, and The Ninth Symbol. Now, SG-2 are tasked with discovering where this Ninth Symbol resides, what it does, and what its connection to the Stargate is.

However, finiding this object, whatever it may be, proves harder then expected. Even after thousands of years of being undisturbed, its going to take a monumental effort to overcome the challenges this mission will produce. What will SG-2 discover? What is the Ninth Symbol?


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The initial concept for SG-2 was born in the summer of 2004. Ideas for a story started out based on an alternate reality that paralleled the then current SG-1 universe. As things moved forward, it was felt this would result in a disconnected story too far distanced from SG-1. Unfortunately, this decision was reached after some initial scenes had already been filmed.

The result was a year of production time lost and a complete re-working of the script. Pre-production for the revised film started in the summer of 2005. Actual filming was sporadic due to actors and crew being scattered throughout the country. Principle photography took place between the summer of 2005 and filming of the destroyed dig site in the desert to the end of spring in 2007, with the filming of the opening scene in the forest. Preliminary editing was a constant work in progress, with the final bulk of the work being finished between May and August of 2007.

The film was officially screened in California for the actors, crew and a small audience on August 19, 2007.


Stargate Command's SG-2

Character bio's courtesy of Blue Smoke Studios. Reprinted with permission

Lt. Col. Ryan Edwards Team Leader

Official character page

Born in a rural country town, Ryan Edward did two years at the Air Force Academy before dropping and pursuing a career in the Coast Guard as a high risk rescue pilot. During his time with the Coast Guard, Ryan flew the most dangerous missions himself, earning the nickname of "Water wings".

During that same year, a tragic accident involving a fellow pilot drove home the value and delicacy of life. Flying was no longer a joy, and a few weeks later he left the Coast Guard to return to a civilian school. But the government had other plans. While he had been a pilot, his performance was so impressive that he was invited to re-join the Airforce. Reluctant at first, he agreed on a temporary basis.

Upon his joining he promptly disappeared into the highly classified Stargate project. His past had solidified his values, and although these sometimes got in the way of his superiors, he was promoted to lead SG-2.

Major James Hawkins Team Combatant

Official character page

Born and raised in the country, James Hawkins was a natural outdoors-man. He became an independent survival instructor and was contracted a couple times by the Navy to assist new SEALS in advanced tactics. But he wasn't satisfied with just survival. He went on to learn, and later teach, close combat tactics. With this combo, he earned himself a good reputation and an honorary rank as major.

Always on the lookout for new survival and combat skills, he joined a small special forces team that was deployed to the Persian Gulf in the first war with Iraq. There he earned a commendation for bravery in the line of duty.

His impressive record caught the eye of the Airforce's top brass, who had him transferred to the Stargate program to train off world teams. During his first year at Cheyenne Mountain, he received personal training from Teal'c in Close Quarters Combat. Bored with being stuck in a mountain, he requested transfer to an off-world team, and was put on active duty under SG-2.

Dr. Liam Grant Team Archeologist

Official character page

Dr. Liam Grant is perhaps the most mysterious member of the team in terms of his past. Much of his life previous to joining SG-2 is a shroud of shadows and webs. Originally he was with the NSA as a non-official "hit man". A mission occurred, however, that forced him to make a terrible choice, and it all but ended his career and almost his life. He left the NSA in a "retirement" and as a civilian pursued his hobby of archeology.

Grant was finished with the government for good; Or so he thought. The Airforce had other plans. During his time as a civilian, he had earned a doctorate in Ancient cultures. With this combination of knowledge and his past experience with NSA, the Airforce asked him to join a top secret Stargate project. Not wanting to be involved with the government, Grant joined reluctantly.

Dr. Grant was initially assigned a desk job at the SGC, analyzing artifacts and data that was brought back by other SG teams. The value of his past experience mixed with his current knowledge was quickly realized and he was immediately assigned to SG-2 as its lead translation and cultural integration expert.

Capt. Jennifer Hailey Technology Expert

Official character page

Capt. Jennifer Hailey always spent as much time as she could at her aunts house in the mountains. There she would camp by herself and explore for hours. The schools she was attending were boring for her, lacking in challenge. She enrolled at the Airforce Academy, finally finding her niche.

A 5"7' fighting machine, Hailey doesn't let anything get in her way when a job needs to be done. This attitude almost got her expelled from the academy when she thoroughly beat up a senior airman her freshman year. After she graduated, Hailey worked for 5 months on the LAPD, coordinating SWAT snatch-and-grabs for hostage situations. The following winter the US Airforce approached her, offering a position in a top secret government project. Always wanting to be where the action was, she agreed without hesitation.

Capt. Hailey secured her spot on SG-2 the hard way. Instead of taking the position because of her airforce academy training, she re-took the complete battery of mental and physical tests, beating 34 other candidates and firmly securing her spot on SG-2.

Behind the Scenes[]

SG-2BehindTheScenes - desert.jpg
SG-2BehindTheScenes - mic.jpg
SG-2BehindTheScenes - reflector.jpg

Stargate SG-2: The Ninth Symbol was filmed in a variety of locations, ranging from the desert to the forest. While some aspects of the filming took place on a sound stage, a majority of the filming was done on location. This was chosen as the more budget conscious decision, as home sound stages are difficult to find space for, and construction costs can far exceed the usefulness of the set built.

Desert Locations[]

The two primary places where action occurred were in the desert. While being overall cheaper in terms of dollars spent, transporting people and equipment was a difficult obstacle to overcome. In order to keep costs as low as possible, and fit in everyone's schedules, all filming took place over the course of two days. This put a time crunch on those responsible for set preparation and dressing, resulting in creative alterations being made to the script on the fly. These alterations were largely due to their impracticality given the resources on hand.

In addition to having limited resources and time, the cast and crew had to deal with extreme temperatures. Of primary concern was the overheating of film equipment. If something were to break, there was no access to repair. Water was also a concern, as all water consumed had to be brought in with the crew. Humidity was extremely low ranging from 9% - 12%, meaning dehydration had to be checked for. The results of all this, though, were film plates that could not be obtained any other way.

Forest Location[]

The inclusion of the forest location in the film's opening was a remnant of the original script. A major script re-write [see above] had axed all but one forest scene. This was kept as an opener, and was the very last scene filmed.

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