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Stargate TC2
Stargate TC2 preview.png
Also known as Stargate Total Conversion 2
Genre Fan gaming
Programmed by Or3L
3D art by Eldrad
Member Anders
Thor 4.3
Country of origin Flag of France France
Language(s) Flag of France French
Flag of the United Kingdom English
Network Half Life 2
Release date 6 July 2008
Related productions Stargate TC
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Stargate TC2 or Stargate Total Conversion 2 or SGTC2 is a game mod for Half Life 2 released in 2008.


The game take place in the Stargate SG-1 universe before the season 9 with the Tau'ri versus Goa'uld arc and mainly around the seasons 7 and 8.


A Jaffa with an hand device guard a Stargate in the Sanctuary map.

SGTC2 is a multiplayer mod. The main SG-1 members are playable characters against the Anubis, Apophis or Horus guards.


Tau'ri weapons
Stargate weapon Know in game as Specification
Knife Knife
M9 pistol Beretta
Heckler & Koch MP5 MP5
Fabrique Nationale P90 PDW FN P90
? HE Grenade
Transphase Eradication Rod TER
? M90/PSG1
M84 Flashbang Flashbang grenade
AN-M83 HC White Smoke Hand Grenade Smoke grenade
First-aid kit Medkit
Goa'uld weapons
Stargate weapon Know in game as Specification
? Coujaf
Zat'nik'tel Zat'nik'tel
Staff weapon Staff weapon
Hand device Hand device
Transphase Eradication Rod TER
Za'tarc weapon Zatarc weapon
Shock grenade TAC
? G.A.C.


There are four maps for now:


Development team[]

  • Lead programmation: Or3L
  • Programmation: Fag, Jamboneau
  • Mapping: Bad Lt, Seldoon182, Speed, Thor 4.3, Anders
  • 2D art: Bad Lt, Seldoon182, Weaponsb, Anders
  • 3D art: Eldrad, Seldoon182, Anders
  • Communication and logistic: K-Rembar, Raton
  • Beta-tests: Arthurus, Farden, [Horus]Hunter, Rabby, Teyla, Wolfox

The modifications[]

SGTC2 is a total conversion mod, all game aspects are reworked. The weapons, characters, maps, sounds and some code was replaced to offer a complete Stargate atmosphere.

The mod need a game developped under the Source SDK Base to play.

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