The 5th Race Podcast
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Also known as The 5th Race, A stargate Podcast
Genre Podcast
Created by Tim Phillips
Justin Nolan
Presented by Tim Phillips
Justin Nolan
Country of origin Flag of the USA United States
Language(s) Flag of the United Kingdom English
No. of episodes more than 60 (List of episodes)
Running time 40/60 min.
Network iTunes
Audio format 128kbps, mp3
Original run 4 March 2008 – Present
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The 5th Race, A Stargate Podcast is a series of audio show in english planned to be aired each Tuesday since the 4 March 2008.

Content[edit | edit source]

In each podcast, the two presenters Tim Phillips and Justin Nolan come back on one Stargate SG-1 episode. They watch for the first time the episodes and comment them following the chronological episodes order.

The 5th Race Podcast Tech[edit | edit source]

With the release of the episode 49 Point of View of the podcast, Justin Nolan and Spencer launch a new show talking about technology and science[1]. The first episode is aired on 30 January 2009 and titled Quantum Mirror, name of this dimensional portal see in Point of View (SG-1 3x06).

The 5th Race Podcast Interview[edit | edit source]

The 6 February 2009, The 5th Race Podcast air a special episode with an interview of David Read and Darren Sumner from GateWorld[2]. GateWorld Gurus is the title of this interview.

Production[edit | edit source]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

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The first podcast was aired the 4 March 2008 and title "Children of the Gods" as the Stargate SG-1 pilot[3].

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References[edit source]

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